Monday, April 4, 2011

Motivations to Go Solar: Perceptions of the Homeowners, Government and Industry Movers

Discovering home solar today should include knowing the motivations of all sectors to adopt solar technology. The knowledge will encourage deeper understanding and appreciation of the real worth of solar as seen by prospective users. This practical information will likewise provide the needed help to beginners as they search for more data on going solar.

What are these motivations? Are these proven helpful in the light of the present situations and experiences? For purposes of clarity, this article will attempt to discuss motivation from the viewpoints of the homeowners, the government and the industry movers.

The homeowners:

1. Financial – Some consumers were motivated by the need for savings in their electrical power expenses which has been on the rise in recent years. With their home solar, they now realized savings ranging from 60 to 80%.
2. Environment – The impact of environmental pollution became real and the world is suffering from its effects. Global warming is now a threat to the life of our planet and they become aware that this is preventable with solar energy.
3. Emergency preparedness – Frequent electrical interruptions due to natural disasters and grid power failure in some areas are causes of loss with spoiling of refrigerated food and discomfort with the loss of hot water and air conditioning.
4. Other benefits – Any one of the following motivated some consumers.
a. Solar increases home value. It also recovers 100% of its cost.
b. Practically maintenance free. They can look forward to up to 25 years of service.
c. Earn money through net metering where the utility grid buys excess electricity from solar producers.
d. Government extends incentives to solar users. Total federal and state incentives lower installation cost by up to 50%.
e. Freedom from unexpected electricity rate increase. Home solar guarantees steady supply of electricity.

The government:

The motivation of the US government is to encourage adoption of solar technology in lieu of fossil power to reduce fossil fuel dependence and pollution in the country.

1. This motivation through the Department of Energy (DOE) has been in the form of providing free education on solar platforms and how to install them on homes, buildings and power plants.
2. Research funding from the DOE/NREL, solar R&D will continue to develop new technologies that are practical, efficient and affordable, and bring them to the public for actual use.
3. To promote solar, DOE through the Solar Decathlon demonstrates to the public the opportunities presented by affordable homes that combine energy-efficient construction and appliances with renewable energy systems that are available today
4. DOE initiated rebate program for consumers to help reduce the cost of purchasing solar.
5. The federal government is now providing solar platform loans as part of mortgage packages through entities such as Fannie Mae and FHA.

The industry movers:

This sector includes associations, research groups, educational institutions, private corporations and non profit organizations. Mainly, their motivation is to encourage solar energy adoption like the government. There are hundreds of members in this sector engaged in research and development, commercial production, promotion and marketing and financing.

These are the prime movers of solar power who have achieved significant gains in promoting and marketing solar in developing countries. They have contributed immensely to the present status of solar and they continue without let up in their work. They have indeed provided the much needed motivation for consumers through out the world.

The motivations which have led countless of homeowners to go solar should be effectively disseminated to see more solar in the different corners of the globe. More work remains to be done.

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