Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home Improvement with Solar Electricity Gives You the Best Return of Investment

 Home Solar Electricity System is considered the most important and number one home improvement despite the fact that it is not known in many places. What makes it top priority?  One, the System is an established technology.  Two, significant gains in solar efficiency and  reduction in cost of installation have been achieved. There are many other reasons which can be summed up as benefits for the solar user.

 The information here will be a good basis for sound decision when confronted with question of home improvements and which should be done first. Discover for yourself Home Solar Electricity System and know why you should have one. 

 The 10 reasons why it should be made top priority:

1.      1.    Home Solar Electricity System is superior when compared with other home improvements in the percentage of cost recovered in that it recovers more than 100% of its cost.

2.    2. The value of homes with the System is quantifiable. For every $1,000 reduction in annual electricity operating cost, the home value is increased by $ 20,000.

3.    3.  Home Solar Electricity System is one home improvement that will significantly improve the finances of your family. It can reduce your monthly electricity bill by 50, 80 or even 100%. Funds will be available for other pressing needs.

4.      4.  It guarantees continuous electricity supply even when utility power is down. Your battery bank which stores your excess electricity makes sure that you have electricity any time of the day.

5.   5.  The System earns for the family when the excess electricity it generates is sold to the utility company through net metering. There is an existing law requiring utility companies to purchase this excess electricity.

6.    6.The System protects you from electricity rate increase and power outages in years to come. Since you produce your own electricity and store the excess, you are hardly affected by supply and growing cost.

7.     7. Acquisition of Home Solar Electricity System is supported by the government. Solar incentives in the form of tax credit and state rebate can reduce the total cost of installation by up to 50%.

8.    8. You can have total electricity independence with an Off-Grid Home Solar Electricity. This is best fitted for homes in remote areas far from electricity power lines.

9.   9. The System makes you a solution to the growing energy crisis and global pollution problems because sun power is inexhaustible and does not produce any emission.

10. 10.  Home Solar Electricity System has a service life of 20 to 25 years which requires very low maintenance. There are no moving parts which cause wear and tear.

One recent National Poll Surveys showed that 77% of Americans feel that the federal government should make solar power development a national priority including the financial support needed. The figure reflects the growing number of homeowners who have adopted Home Solar Electricity System as independent sources of power and attractive financial investments.

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