Thursday, January 27, 2011

Solar Electricity: How You Can Reduce or Eliminate Your Monthly Bills

Solar Electricity is now considered one of the alternative sources of electricity which could lower household electrical expenses. It is an established and proven technology. Home electricity constitutes a big slice of the family budget and any means to reduce or eliminate it will surely be a big help. Today, a growing number of families are finding out that energy from the sun is most useful in many ways.  This article will discuss the role of solar power and, how it can help alleviate the financial difficulties of families.
 Solar electricity can be made a DIY (do it yourself) project to save money or acquired through professional installers. This makes solar power very practical with these available options.

Here’s how the 2 types of home Solar Electricity System reduces or eliminates your bills:

  1. The Grid Tie System (may or may not have battery back up). As the name implies, you remain connected to the utility grid. Without the battery, your System generates  electricity at daytime to supply your needs. At night or during cloudy days, the grid supplies your power. The System guarantees reduction in your electricity bills up to 50%. With a battery back up, your System generates solar electricity for home use and storage. During daytime, your System (solar panels) supplies electricity. Excess electricity is stored in battery back up for use at night time or during cloudy days. This System can reduce your bills by 80 or up to 100% depending on how adequate your System (meaning do you have the right number of panels and battery). If you have an energy efficient home, this will surely help. There is an article about this coming soon. If your battery is fully charged, you can sell the excess electricity to the utility company and you earn money. This is fully discussed in another article coming soon also.
  2. The Off Grid System. Here you are totally disconnected to the utility company and your System supplies all your electricity needs. You have adequate number of solar panels and battery back up. You are now totally electricity independent and have eliminated your electricity bills. This is often used in homes far from grid power lines where getting extension lines would be very expensive.

 Solar demand has grown at about 30% per year over the past 15 years attesting to its growing acceptability. Solar energy (photovoltaic) price have declined on average 4% over the past 15 years mainly due to conversion efficiencies and manufacturing economies of scale. Join the thousands who are converting their residences to solar power and reap the benefits of clean and renewable energy.

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