Friday, March 25, 2011

Advantages of Professional Installers for Solar Homes

Discover home solar today by knowing the role of professional installers. When a beginner thinks of acquiring a home solar system, the inevitable question comes up:  Can I build it myself or do I have to get the services of a professional? Will I have the time to work or is fund available for outside services.
There are a number of factors to consider and eventually it is only the beginner who can decide whether to build or hire a professional. This article will attempt to explain why many solar users favor getting a professional to build their home solar power. 

9 Advantages of hiring a professional installer:

1.       Professional installers have undergone extensive training. They are experienced people who have dealt with many problems in solar energy installation. You can always rely on their years of solar installation experience for a functioning and trouble free home solar system.

2.       Their work will be guaranteed.  They will use higher quality, name brand solar panels with good warranties because customers will hold them responsible for anything that goes wrong. Their expertise will also be available for any needed repairs or upgrades.

3.       Professional installers will do additional work which does not include direct installation.  A good solar installer will include site evaluation, system design, parts, labor, and interconnection in his quote. He can also help you through the mountain of paperwork and permits necessary to install your system.  He knows the ins and outs of the building codes and ordinances in your area,

4.      These professionals know the incentives and rebates in your area and will ensure that your solar system meets the proper requirements.  A number of these incentives are available only for professional solar installation. They will also help you file for solar rebates because they are intimately familiar with the programs.

5.       Professional installers can also help you secure financing for your system.

6.       Having a professional installer visit your home to provide a consultation is the best way to get a more precise estimate. With these estimates of costs and savings, you can be sure that solar is an investment that makes sense for you.

7.        If you are limited in the amount of time and want to start recovering your initial investment, then it might be best to pay for your installation to take place and start benefiting from lower bills.

8.        For others, building a home solar it might be a tedious task because of physical constraints. To get the job done it is wise to get the services of a professional.

9.        Also, if you don't want to take any chances with your home and roof and want everything done right the first time, you're better off with a professional solar installer.

Industry experts say that failure in home solar energy system is often times due to failure in proper installation. Knowing that one can look forward to over 25 years of service with solar, it is a wise move to have the System done by a professional. This way you are assured of trouble free and functional source of solar power in years ahead.

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About the Author:

 Jacinto P. Demonteverde, Jr., the owner, is a strong advocate of home solar power.  He writes practical articles for beginners and established solar users to keep them well informed.  Visit him at:  You are free to copy or reprint the article. No permission is needed.


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