Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Home Solar System: Find out the Main Drawbacks before Building One

Much has been written about Home Solar System and the homeowner doing the building himself (DIY).  At a glance of the manual, it looks like a piece of cake with the homeowner gathering the materials and finishing the System in 1 or 2 weekends.

The Solar DIY manual boasts it’s so simple the homeowner does not need any basic knowledge of electricity. It raves of a System that costs less money than a professionally installed one. This is true but what the manual fails to mention is the attendant difficulties for a homeowner doing the work for the first time.

Here some of the drawbacks and unfortunate experiences of some homeowners who took the DIY route:

·         Here’s the story of one DIYer:  With high hopes, I searched around for a good guide to help me. I bought one guide after another, hoping each guide can help me build my DIY project.  My bookshelf and hard drive were replete with instructional guides. But none of them helped. All I found were nothing but rehashed material from textbooks and many of them simply copied each other’s work. Some were so difficult and too time consuming to understand. Others lack crucial information that left me high and dry. Yet others lacked customer support. Lesson of the story: request from DIY Manual promoter for names of people who have  installed their DIY Home Solar System and hear their story.

·                    *          If you have done DIY projects in the past, you might be aware of the hidden costs in time and frustration. Remember that every time you make a mistake you pay for it.

·                    *     Remember also that the panels and other devices you make do not carry any warranty. If anything goes wrong you are on your own. Panels built by reputable companies carry warranty.

*         Even solar panels with good warranties (20+ years) may have their warranties invalidated by unprofessional installation. Find out before you buy.

*      Any project involving electricity requires you to know what you’re doing. Any mistake may prove costly and dangerous.

·                       *   Since you are doing it alone, you also will have to contend with licenses from the state, secure permit and arrange inspection by the utility grid. 

·                        *   You also will have to find out what federal, state and private incentives are available to you and the requirements to avail of these incentives.

·                         *        Professional and experienced installer can provide you with sound advice on all aspects of solar installation saving you dollars in the process.

On the other hand, installing your own home solar panels is a challenge if you're a handy man who is willing to do the research and has the skills to work on the project. In the process you will acquire a clear understanding of how solar energy works in your household and be prepared for problems that may come.You can surely enjoy considerable savings with DIY solar.

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