Monday, March 21, 2011

Beginners Take Note: Sun Energy Increases Home Value

Increase in home value is desired by everyone who makes changes and invests in the home. Home value can come in many forms.  It maybe comfort added as in constructing an adjoining room or a patio. It maybe something of aesthetic value as in a beautiful landscaped garden.  Or it can be an increase in monetary value especially when a homeowner thinks of savings and selling the property in the future. Increase in property value of homes powered by the sun is one of the benefits that entice homeowners to go solar.

What do the experts say?

1.       According to the U.S. DOE’s office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, a home with solar will sell twice as fast as a home without solar – even in depressed markets1.
2.       The real estate appraisers said that for every $1 of electricity you offset through solar, the value of your home increases by $20. In other words, saving $1,000 per year increases your home’s value by $20,000. 
3.   All other things being equal, a home with a lower electric bill will sell faster. 
4.       Electricity demand is increasing in most major markets and this increase combined with projected higher fuel costs for utilities will probably lead to higher electric bills for most consumers. A solar system installed will help insulate consumers from these potential price shocks
5.       A solar home’s value goes up faster. According to Shea Homes, the value of California homes with solar went up 55% while non-solar homes went up 45% during the same time period3.
6.       All 257 homes in one Clarum Homes development sold within a year of being put on the market, 2 years faster than planned. Plus, homes originally priced at $379,000-$499,000 were selling for as much as $600,000.
7.       The faster increase in a solar home’s value and the increase in its resale price are a result of the value the solar electricity will bring to the homeowner in the future. In other words, minus any maintenance and repair costs, solar adds value to a home because it means the homeowner will save more and more over time on electricity.
8.       While payback periods will vary, in most installations where a system is justifiable, the system will indeed pay for itself in a reasonable amount of time.
9.       It’s a great thing knowing that you're doing your part to lessen dependence on foreign oil and improving the environment.

It has been established that of all home improvements, installation of solar electricity gives the best return of investment. It recovers 100% of the cost. The benefits experienced by established solar users confirmed that through solar power, they make themselves solutions to the ever increasing energy demand and global environmental pollution problem.

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