Friday, February 25, 2011

Discover Home Solar Today: What is the Most Functional Commonly Used Today?

Home Solar Energy System is growing in popularity through out the country. As a prospective user, you might be interested to know specific information on the small and functional System you can build or acquire. You may rightfully choose to pursue the small and the functional because of a common perception that it is likewise the cheapest and the best way to “test the waters”. 

The cost is a major consideration since the System entails additional budget in its construction and will likely affect your finances. Will the benefits outweigh the cost? Is it difficult to upgrade the System? This article will address these concerns.

A functional Home Solar Energy System basically consists of:

1.    Solar panels – these collect and convert sunlight to electricity
2.    Inverter – this converts direct current from the solar panels to alternating current for use of home appliances, electronic devices, refrigerator, heater, etc.
3.    Battery bank – stores electricity for future use
4.    Charge controllers– conveys direct current from solar panels  to battery bank, inverter and direct current loads of home
5.    Wiring – provides electrical connections
6.    Mounting structures – provide support for the panels

This System is also known as Grid-tie with Battery Bank. As the name implies, the System remains connected to the utility grid. This most popular home solar electricity source has usually a capacity of 3 kilowatts. The price ranges from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 before government incentives (usually up to 50% of the total cost).

This how it works: The System generates and supplies electricity to the household and the battery bank during daytime. At night or during cloudy days electricity may come from the grid or the battery bank.

In the Home Solar Energy System, the flow of electricity is in 2 directions:

1.    1. Towards your home if the electricity you generate is low and needs power from the grid.
2.    2. Towards the grid if you produce electricity more than you use and your battery can store. This way you earn money because the grid buys your excess electricity. The Public Utility Regulatory Act requires utility companies to buy electricity from renewable energy producers.

The stored electricity in the battery bank guarantees uninterrupted electricity supply even when grid power is down. You are barely affected by grid electricity rate increase. 

When there is an increase in the home electrical consumption due to additional load in appliances or electronics, batteries and solar panels should be added to the System. The process is simple and can be readily finished. Batteries and panels add cost and maintenance but can be cost effective in many applications.

Generally, the size of the System depends on:
1.     1.  how energy efficient is your home
2.     2.  how high is your electrical consumption

More and more homeowners who are connected to the utility company are now using solar energy for part or all of their electricity needs. The choice is yours whether to build the System or get a professional to do it for you. 

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