Monday, February 14, 2011

Residential Solar Energy System is Almost Maintenance Free. Use it for up to 30 Years

Residential Solar System is extremely reliable and tough. Because this is made of very inert materials it could easily last for up to 30 years. Most of the other components also last for many years without problems.

Solar modules or panels which are the heart of the System have no moving parts so there are no potential points of mechanical failures. But inverters and batteries require preventive maintenance. Inverters may be replaced after 10 to 15 years and batteries may need replacement after 5 to 10 years. 

Solar panel maintenance:

1.    Clean of dirty panels and frames with water and cleansing solution. A frame that is allowed to deteriorate will shorten the panel’s life.
2.    Annual check- up should be conducted for crack panels, corroded electrical connections and shading of panels by trees or other structures. In dusty areas, the panels will have to be cleaned more frequently.
3.    Cleansing of panels is not cosmetic. It is to keep the panels operate at maximum efficiency.

Inverter maintenance:

1.    Do not attempt to shift the inverter (electrically) from its installed point. Consult a technician.
2.    Do not spill water on the inverter as it will damage the circuitry inside.
3.    Do not cover the inverter; if it has to be housed provide ventilation

Battery maintenance:

1.    You should have the batteries fully charge battery before use.
2.    Connectors should be tightened; battery should be wiped free of all corrosive dust and dirt.
3.    Check and keep correct acid level after charging.
4.    Do not run the battery dry. Use distilled or treated water.
5.    Keep discharge to a minimum.

 Experience shows that most problems of Residential Solar System occur because of poor installation so these must be given careful attention. It is recommended that a check of Residential Solar System be made once a year to make sure everything is performing as it should be.
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