Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Solar System: Find out If this Technology Is a Good Fit for You?

The benefits of Home Solar System are so many beginners think they can simply build the System and everything will work out fine. While the technology is available to all and can readily be acquired, a few things should be known first.
 The following 8 solar tips and info have benefited thousands of homeowners and helped them find out that home solar is a good fit for them. 

1.    Make the home energy efficient. This involves the proper use of appliances, electronics, lighting, cooling and heating facilities and correcting wasteful electricity consumption practices. This alone will significantly lower electricity consumption and will mean a smaller and less expensive Home Solar System.

 2 Know the average monthly electricity consumption and work on the electricity reduction you want to accomplish. This will be a guide in the computation of the size and cost of the System.
3.    Know the type of System to be built. Is it the Grid tie without Battery or Grid tie with Battery or the Stand Alone System (Off-grid). 

4.     Know whether a homeowner can totally build and finish the System with a DIY Kit. If not, which part can be worked on and which can be subcontracted to a professional.

5.    Know the solar incentives available. The federal government extends a 30% tax credit on the total installation cost. The states also give tax rebates which vary. The federal tax credit and state rebate combined can reduce installation cost by up to 50%.

6.    Know the licenses and permits required by the state for solar energy installation and the interconnecting agreement with the utility company for net metering.

7.    Make sure that the home has unobstructed access to the sun, no shading from trees, tall buildings and other structures.

8.    Get a good Solar Energy DIY Kit (if you want to build) which could explain the basics of solar power installation and provide guidance every step of the way.

The DIY approach to solar energy is the most practical, economical and affordable way to acquire solar electricity at home. It is one of the answers to the biggest solar energy adoption barriers which are the cost of installation.

Flexibility also works in favor of DIY Installation in that the System can be started small and expanded later as time and money become available. Of course Home Solar System can be acquired through a professional installer.

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