Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Solar Energy System is the Most Effective Way To Beat the Cost of Grid Electricity

Home Solar Energy System or the home- installed electricity source is one of the most common applications of solar energy. At present, there are over 10,000 homes that are entirely powered by solar energy. These are electricity independent no longer connected to the utility grid. Their electric bills are zero. Also, more than 200,000 homes use some type of solar energy technology. They generate and use solar electricity but remain connected to the grid for part of their electricity needs.

 What is in common with these solar powered homes? They have reduced or eliminated their electricity bills. In short, these homes beat grid electricity.

Many argue that these are small or insignificant figures considering the total number of household in the country. Small as it is, the number can serve as models to demonstrate the benefits of Home Solar Energy System. It becomes an important tool for dissemination of the technology.  Is the System ripe for adoption?

 Here are 5 reasons: 

S   1.  Solar energy is an established technology providing inexhaustible, free and clean power available to everyone.
2.    How to acquire solar energy with incentive programs were drawn by the government, educational institution and industry movers for nationwide implementation.
3.    A wide scale information dissemination led by the government and supported by the private sector is in place.
4.    A positive response by a number of homeowners to home solar energy has been on the rise.
5.    Families are experiencing a steady increase in the cost of grid electricity.
The best way to beat the cost of grid electricity is to build or buy your Solar Energy System and generate your own electricity. In short you become a private utility company generating power in your backyard or rooftop.  And how will the System accomplish this?

 Here in a nutshell is how the System works and some experiences of established solar users:
1.    The System works by generating free electricity to provide a greater portion of your household needs. Your expense is the one time set up cost. Your fuel from the sun is free.
2.     Very briefly, the System which consists generally of solar panels, charge controller, battery bank and inverter converts sunlight to alternating current for home use. It stays connected to the grid and is most popular among homeowners.
3.    Take note that since you are your own generating company using free fuel, you are not subjected to threat of electricity increase or power interruption. Fuel cost had been the cause of steady rise of grid electricity in the past decade.
4.    Established solar users found that the System reduces their electricity bills by 60 to 80% and some as written earlier up to 100%.
5.    Users of the System are not subjected to electricity interruption because of reserve power in battery bank. Almost maintenance free, the System functions up to 30 years.
6.    It is the experience of solar users that the System increases home value.
7.    Established solar users consider Home Solar Energy System the best home improvement because it recovers 100% of its cost.

Home Solar Energy System is flexible. It can be started small and expanded later as time and money are available. 

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About the Author
Jacinto Demonteverde, Jr., the owner, is a strong advocate of solar power adoption. URL: justsolarhome.blogspot.com. He writes practical articles to keep established and prospective solar users well informed. You are welcome to republish or reprint this article free of charge provided the content remains unchanged.  No permission is needed.


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