Thursday, February 3, 2011

Portable Solar Power Provides Energy at Your Fingertips

 Portable Solar Power is an ideal source of power for anyone who does a lot of traveling. Providing electric power in overnight picnics is a popular use. It always guarantees solar electricity at one’s fingertips. When drained of electric power, the unit can be charge as soon as the sun rises, ready to be used again. With recent advances, portable solar are now efficient at more compact sizes. Many are capable of being folded or rolled into more convenient traveling sizes. You can find one that will meet your needs. 

Recharging batteries and powering appliances and electronic devices are common uses of portable solar power. It is also very handy for powering lap tops, cell phones, ipods, small tv sets, and many more. Portable solar electricity also provides light for night time activity. And it is possible to maintain the battery of your car or boat with certain portable solar power. 

A portable solar power system usually consists of:

1.  1.   Solar panel
2.   2. Voltage controller
3.   3.  Cable
4.   4.  Storage case 

Portable solar power needs little or no wiring. It is a plug and play system – plug and you have power instantly. No system comes close to portable solar when we consider convenience and ease of operation. 

The benefits of portable solar power include:

1.   1.  Availability of electrical power anywhere you go
2.   2  Handy back-up power for places prone to power outages
3.   3.  Handy power source for few small items like laptop, portable TV, ipods etc.
4.   4. Cheap source of power when you’re off-grid (no connection to the utility company)

There are many more emergency situations during which portable solar power would be useful. Browse around; we may have other information you need.

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