Thursday, February 3, 2011

Solar Water Heater: One of the Most Reliable Money Savers at Home

Solar Water Heater or Domestic Hot Water System is one of the oldest and established applications of solar power. In America it had been used for over 100 years. The expense involved in water heating is high. The country spends $13 billion a year equivalent to 11.4 barrels of oil per household. This is speaking of fuel alone. In solar water heater this is zero. 

 Water heaters account for 25% of the total energy used in a typical single-family home representing a major household expense. Of all the major types of water heating systems, solar energy offers the biggest savings to homeowners. Savings range from 50 to 80% on the utility bills over the cost of electric water heating. Solar water heater is now accepted as a money saver. It is proven an economical way to generate hot water far superior to those fueled by conventional fuel (oil, electricity, gas). Millions of homeowners have relied on solar water heaters for efficiency and durability.

 How much the homeowner will save will depend on:

1.    The volume of hot water  used
2.    The cost of fuel used before the System (oil, electricity, gas)
3.    The System’s efficiency
4.    The location and solar resource

The Solar Hot Water System which includes storage tank and solar collectors works by preheating the water in solar collectors and siphoning to the conventional water heater for distribution and use of the household.

How to acquire:

Solar water heater can be made a DIY project. It can also be bought ready to  install.

Of the over 1.5 million Americans who have invested in solar hot water systems for their homes and businesses, over 94% consider the investment a wise decision. Browse around, we may have other practical articles you need.

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