Thursday, February 3, 2011

Solar Swimming Pool Heater Extends Your Swimming Season without Additional Cost

The advent of Solar Swimming Pool Heater has changed the swimming practices of most family members. Some pool owners  " winterize" their pools during the winter months. This is simply the preparation to close down the pools during winter season. In spring, the pool owners   do the opposite thing; they "summerize" their pools.  This is preparing the pools for summer and ready for use by the family.

One of the reasons for closing the pools during winter is the high cost of operation of conventional pool heater. With solar pool heaters, there is no fuel cost. The electricity used to run the pump of the solar heaters cost only $ 30 to 75 per year. This is the main reason why solar pool heaters works year round in southern climates and extends pool season in northern climates.

Another plus factor to consider is the very low maintenance cost. The collectors will require little maintenance if the pool chemical balance and filtering system are checked regularly. The equipments are so reliable that warranty coverage far exceeds that of automobiles and household appliances. Solar pool heaters has a longevity of up to 20 years compared to gas of 5 years.

 In the US, over 300,000 pools use solar power for heating. The main reason to this shift is the economy and savings it brings to the family. There is no reason not to use solar when this power is free. It is also clean and emits no pollutant into the environment.

  Looking at the savings, and how the family uses and enjoys swimming for a long time, there is scarcely any reason not to integrate solar heater into the pool.  A win-win situation is created where pool owners save a lot and the environment becomes a healthy place to live.

Solar Swimming Pool Heater can be made a DIY (do it yourself) Project or built by a professional installer. Browse around; we may have other practical information you need.

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